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I have problems with a proxy auth over a shared network.
1 server with 2 NICs and windows server 2008 r2
NIC_1 = 10.xx.xx.xx
Internet connection
Proxy with AD auth
NIC_2 = 172.xx.xx.xx
Internal network
it will be used for connecting android devices
i need to interconnect the 2 networks
i need to share internet from 10.xx to 172.xx
What i've did so far:
NAT on server (Virtual router)
Local DNS server
defined route on my 172.xx network router.
What's working:
everything ... except that i cannot skip the proxy
if i set proxy on browser, i cannot access any internal webpage but i have internet
if i don't set proxy, i can access local webpages but i have no internet
how can i tell my server to use it's own "name" for proxy auth, and to give me "clean" internet to my android devices, without authentication?
or .. how can i set "use this global proxy for all internet requests" ?
i have full rights on the server, and i can change even the NAT or .. whatever it's necessary to make this work.
Please help me.... thank you
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