We Need to Water-Proof Our Networks

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Around the world we are constantly being hit by large storms with massive amounts of flooding and rain, wreaking havoc amongst our networks. It is because of this, that I have been inspired to create a new type of encapsulation for our network packets.

Introducing, SGE. Scuba Gear Encapsulation.

This protocol will NOT be Cisco proprietary, it will be an open standard. You will need to create a trunk between your devices where there might be a possibility of flooding or rain damage. This will essentially protect your packets from the elements by using this mode of encapsulation. SGE will not work in conjunction with dot1q.
To create an SGE trunk:
>conf t
>interface fa0/0
int>switchport trunk encapsulation sge
**Congratulations, you have successfully enabled Scuba Gear Encapsulation.**
int>switchport mode trunk

Once we successfully deploy SGE as our primary encapsulation protocol between our network devices, we will have created what is known as the WPN (Water Proof Network).

I will write up an RFC for this soon, discuss.


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