Going to Live and work in America within next 12 months

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I am 24 and currently living in the UK. I am planning on going to live and work in America within next 12 months. Currently I have a COMPTIA A+, COMPTIA Network+ and a Microsoft MCP XP, also I have been working in IT for last 4 years on a helpdesk doing hardware/software(OS,anti virus,firewall,office) and network support. I need some advice on what I should do next in my remaining 12 months in UK, should I go for a CISCO certifcation or complete MCSA and(or) MCSE?

Also I am not looking to hit the big time in terms of money/big title jobs etc, I am just looking for a income that allows be to live(average), be able to spend time with friends/family/hobbies etc

Thanks for any input :D


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    If you are content with helpdesk type work and actually enjoy it, I would suggest completing your MCSA/MCSE. Doing so should allow helpdesk work, but could allow you to continue on to a better job as well.
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    I would do the mcse and cisco certs. In that way, you have an option to choose different jobs where ever you feel most likely to be comfortable with. If you have minimal certs, you will have to take a job just to make an income.

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    almost depends on where you plan on living b/c cost of living is an issue within the job market of the area.
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