Vsphere 5 whats new cheapest course

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I have looked at CCCTI.edu (may not be exact domain) and it doesn't have any classes scheduled right now, I think in the past they had the whats new class listed for 500$ does anyone know where I can take this class online for a similar price?


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    Hey slinuxuzer,

    I was looking for a cheap way to pay for the vmware training too, since my company said they had no more training money. I went to this forum and found two cheap schools.

    I am current taking the class at CCCTI (it just started yesterday). The link to the vmware page is: CCC&TI I paid $1500.00 for the class. So far it's great. The down side is sitting in front of my computer almost every night. It is live online class from 6-9pm (EST) Mon- Thurs. We have two instructors and a couple of IT peeps to help with labs. The class goes for 2 weeks and than a 1 week break for Thanksgiving, than back to class for another 2 weeks. Since the class just started last night, I'm sure if you were to call now you could get into the class that I'm in now. You haven't missed much. Besizes, they record all of the classes just incase someone misses a class.

    Another cheap class that I found on this forum was UCSC Extension Silicon Valley. From what I read, they have a pre-recorded course (vmware approved) for $1200.00. You have 3 months to finish the class/labs. The next class for them is: Jan 14, 2013 - Mar 31, 2013. The good thing about them is, you do not have to sit in front of your computer 3 hours each night for 4 nights a week like the CCCTI. The link is: Areas of Study and Courses | UCSC Extension Silicon Valley

    Each school provides you with your own lab to work on. It's nice. Good hands on. Also both schools are on the approved vmware list of schools.

    Good luck.
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