CCNP or other? What test should I take?

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Ok so here is my situation, my CCNA expires in May and I need to take another 642. I was going to let it expire, but I just got this new job.

This position will configure and maintain the network infrastructure of the Lighthouse Gateway.

·Update Cisco CSS configurations
·Update Cisco ASA VPN configurations
·Upgrade Cisco firmware
·Maintain and improve system monitoring (Splunk)
·Respond to alerts
·Troubleshoot network traces
·Implement network monitoring
·Maintain production hardware
·Patch system software (Linux, PostgreSQL, WebSphere, etc)
·Deploy and manage vSphere images
·Maintain backup/restore processes

·Solid written and verbal communication skills
·2+ years Cisco Networking
·1+ years vSphere and vCenter 5 (monitoring, backup and ‘migration’ of virtual machines within virtual machine cluster)
·2+ years Linux, (Red Hat and SuSE)
·Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies
·PLUS: Tivoli Security products (TAMeb, TDI, TDS, TFIM)

I'm hoping that I'm going to be working more on the P2V of the VMWare environment, they're still mostly baremetal, however it seems that it would be advantageous that I double dip and knock out a test to keep my CCNA current and learn the equipment I'm going to be maintaing.

In my current position since getting the CCNA I've mostly worked with Sonicwall routers and HP switches. We have had a few clients with old Catalyst switches I've worked with so I was thinking the Switch 642-813 since what limited experience I have is with the switches. Should I do that or would there be another 642 that might be a better one to take?

Keep in mind that I took the two test CCNA and it took me about a year. I'm not so strong on the Cisco. By contrast I had my VCP4 and VCP5 done in 6 months. So I'm not dumb, I'm just under a time crunch and want to try and be effective.

If they had a Nexus 1000v test I'd probably take that, but I can't seem to find one dedicated to that.


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    pwjohnston wrote: »

    If they had a Nexus 1000v test I'd probably take that, but I can't seem to find one dedicated to that.
    CCIE: Data Center. :)

    So you already have VCP and this job doesn't appear to use much Cisco or networking and you don't seem to care for that side either. You also have your RHCSA in progress, which seems to fit in nicely with this job. If you're looking for something ELSE, do storage. That pairs nice with virtualization, just like networking.
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    Maybe this ignorant, but CCNA:Security seems like an obvious choice to me, given the job responsibilities. That should extend your CCNA and be quite pertinent.
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    Well I honestly wasn't too interested in it(Cisco), but I originally took the CCNA because I thought it was important to understand the basics of networking. Virtualization and Storage are my primary focus. I've come to realize however in this latest round of job searching that many of the virtualization positions are looking for guys with heavier Cisco experience than I have. Personally I've always thought Virtualization to be more of a Systems side thing than Network side, but who knows. This position have me actually excited to work on Cisco and learn more, but I don't want to be a Cisco guy, you know? I want to be the Virtualization guy. It seems to be the right thing to do because with the whole “cloud” buzz, I probably shold be better versed.

    My goals before I took this job were RHCSA/RHCE and starting my BS.

    As for the CCIE: Data Center, you're probably right, but I'm afraid that's probably way way over my head at this point. 5 years from now, maybe. I wish they had a professional level program on that track.

    As for the CCNA: Security that is probably a good one too. I mean the actual focus of the business unit is Certificate Services, Identity management, Federated Services, and Web Access Management.

    I'll have to look at those a little more thoroughly. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    I agree, CCNA Security will be your best bet. It will also help out with the ASAs quite a bit.
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