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Quick question on certs and their appearance... I've spent years in post graduate education, and am just now getting around to certifications. I'm taking the CISM exam this December. My root question is: Would getting the Sec+ after getting the CISM just cheapen up my resume? I already have plans to pursue the CISSP and CISA exams in 2013, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I should get the foundational certs (Sec+, Net+, etc..), or just leave them in the past and stick with the upper level certs?

Looking for everyone's $0.02. :)


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    Assuming you pass the CISM, you would already knock a year off the 5 year experience requirement to become a CISSP. Are you currently, or do you have plans to work in the U.S. Federal space? If not, then the only benefit to having the Security+ is if you don't have much work experience. Security+ is more likely to be listed on an entry level job posting, which may get your resume looked at.

    I took and passed the Sec+ exam about two years after becoming an Associate of the ISC(2) towards the CISSP. The only reason was to knock the CISSP experience requirement from 5 years to 4. In comparison to the CISSP exam, the Security+ is extremely easy. I reviewed an old Sec+ Book I had the day before the test and passed with a 850+.

    Hope this helps.
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    I already have all the experience necessary to acquire the CISM and CISSP certs. I'm just curious as to whether or not the Sec+ is worth it following acquisition of the CISSP. :)
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    No, it is totally not worth it. The Sec+ should not cover anything you don't get in the CISSP, and it certainly won't add any value. In the rare event you found an employer who actually factored in Security+ despite the fact that you have CISSP and a graduate degree, you would not want to work for that employer IMO.
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    If you can pass CISSP/CISM/CISA, then skip Sec+. If you can't pass, then take the Sec+ for some foundation knowledge.

    Nothing 'cheapens up' the resume. Great authors/experts have A+ listed sometimes. It doesn't matter, and nobody cares. You can always read the book and not take the exam. You can take the exam and not put Sec+ on your resume :)

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    I concur with skipping Sec+. Only reason I took it was because I wasn't sure if I would go for the CISSP. If you have established CISSP as a short or mid term goal then Sec+ doesn't fulfill any purpose.
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    Assuming you pass, you shouldn't waste your time with CompTIA. Unless you are going for a government job (in which case you might need Sec+ to be 8570 compliant), the security+ certification is not going to add any value to your resume.
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