Thinking about CIW Security and Networking

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Having a look at CIW website .
CIW Network Associate and security Associate in particular.
Thinking out loud.

My Network + is a few years old N10-003. got it for life.
i could upgrade it but now your required to re cert , or i could sit ciw network assoc. exam gets me the updated qualification and cert. Which again is for life.
Same with my security + , its alittle old to but if i sit the ciw security assoc. exam it up dates my knowledge and because i have security+ and ciw network assoc.( after sitting the exam ) it upgrades the security certifcation to ciw security professional.
I prob get a updated A+ , security+ and Network + books for study and fined some online prac questions.

i guess really what has changed in the basics of networking since N10-003 , which covered wireless 802.11 a/b/g and IP6. Wireless is up to 802.11 n, IP6 is now in use. The cloud is wasnt covered back then. And few other bits and pieces. And there exams are cheap to. When i tried to do a dip in i.t with a certain instution they woudnt give me credit for security+ cos it was old. Im thinking this might be the way to go.


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    These exams are really below the CompTIA trio, if anything. They have essentially no market value and no recognition in the industry. What little knowledge you might gain could be better learned through other targets. They would be wastes of time and money.

    Moreover, you should be looking to expand your knowledge, not simply update it. Think about something more advanced. CISSP and CCNA are obvious choices, but you could also go for CASP or SSCP.

    I'm not sure what your career goals are, but I simply can't fathom pursuing CIW anything as a good way to go about achieving them.
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    I agree with ptilsen. You won't get much value out of them, unless your employer required them for some reason. I'd never even heard of them until signing up for WGU. That being said, you would probably gain some knowledge from them, but there are better certs to work on.
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