LPIC 201 or 202 Any one ever fail ?

planohogplanohog Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
Great reading here, I have been lurking for some time now.. I am working on lpic 201 and wanted to know , does anyone fail ?
I was somewhat suspect on my 101 and 102 exams,, I studyed hard for them and found the test questions were off the main
track to say the least. I have been work *Nix for many years in ISP related jobs and wow, those questions many of them were just
not common. I managed to pass them both,
Now on to the next 201
My question , has anyone failed these tests ? I figured you drop your $200 and take your chances.

Im not looking for shortcuts, its kinda fun, and I figured I passed college level calc . so I have the ablilty to
learn. But I want to pass the test at the same time.


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