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I took the scantron/paper version of the CISSP exam back in May 2012, and failed. I just scheduled the CBT version for December 14, 2012. Unfortunately, I am unable to open a CISSP Shon Harris or CBK (or any book) and read without being distracted and take it all in. I learn from lots and lots of practice questions. I am aware of cccure.org, but I am worried about how old the questions are. I currently have Shon Harris's AIO, CBK, and Syngress, but they do not have enough practice questions. Can anybody give me any advice on which material I should study? Or how to study? Taking notes and flash cards do not help me. I am a memorize learner. HELP!
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    My study time was similar to yours. Between work, wife, kiddo I had very limited time to study. When I did study it was for very short periods (1 hour or less at most a day). I tried to read Shon's book (too much filler info), I used the Official book as a reference source and I did tons of CCCure tests. Reviewed countless NIST pubs and other online resources but the two books that helped me the most were the Eric Conrad books. They were concise, direct and to the point with the necessary information and the least amount of drivel. I mostly read his study guide and the week prior to the test I focused on his 11th hour book. Definitely worth a look.

    Edited to add: Good luck on the next exam. Get the concepts down as CISPhD mentioned and the rest is easy.
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    Memorization may not be the best hope for you on passing the CISSP exam. icon_rolleyes.gif That particular exam is specifically designed to ensure the candidate understands the concepts, and how to apply them, rather than to simply certify someone who can memorize and regurgitate (My niece does that with my swear words). I'd suggest you draw on your previous work experience (You do have the experience requirements, right?) and try to apply that in learning the concepts conveyed in the 10 CBKs. Shon Harris is a bit hard to read... Half the content is her bloating her own experience and opinions. However, that being said, she does cover everything you need to know. icon_study.gif

    Sorry for not answering your original question, but there's my $0.02. icon_thumright.gif
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