Failed the CCNA today with an 800

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That sucked. I was so close. I definately need to work on my troubleshooting skills. I am using the sybex book by todd lammle and feel as though the troubleshooting is a bit weak. I did very well but messed up on the simulator. What would be helpful for me to study so that my troubleshooting skills can increase, thx.


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    i wanna refer you to everything in his ccna study guide is perfect..your troubleshooting skills will sky rocket like none ever.. just email him and talk to him, and he'll respond pretty quick.

    other than that, all i can think of is get your hands on some equipment, and just set up RIP, or some routing protocol, and just mess it up somewhere, and just play with it.. i did a bunch of simulators with the software i used, and it helped a great deal in passing my ccna. but prob best bet, your own routers..


    p.s. also, when i do a lot of trouble shooting, i always run, "show running-config" and read over the config, and make sure interfaces are up ( no shutdown), ip addresses good, clock rate set.. all that stuff.. usually if there is something wrong, you'll see it in the running config.. just my 2 cents..

    Working on MCSA......
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