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Hi, first time posting.. just thought i'd let everyone know that i passed the CCNA.....and it wasnt that hard

well only had one simulation, what a joke, then 4-5 drag and drops, subnetting, couple CDP, few port security(1-2), few STP, VTP, cabling questions ( haha by far the funnest), frame relay( not super in-depth questions just like, super easy)... lada troubleshooting questions, i didnt have ,i dont remember, one question on ISDN..was kinda suprised cuz i love isdn and really wanted to answer a question on im weird i know.. and a couple NAT questions..which were prob the hardest for me, cuz i never knew NAT was on the test till monday (yesterday; the day i took my test), but they were simple questions.. i was kinda suprised..especially it was my first time learning NAT..

anyway, what i used to study...

first off, i had a CCNA course and my teacher was hardcore...he brought us some small equipment in from his work and we configured them, all that awesome hands on stuff.. we didnt follow the book we got, which was the sybex book...he just told us everything off the top of his head..the guy was awesome.. anyway

second, i used the sybex books, 4th edition, and i used the todd lammle CCNA fast pass.. i actually only read the fast pass book, and used the other for reference..

third, i bought some software from TestOut... totally good stuff.. mad mad mad very mad props to them for their perfect courses and stuff.. that stuff is totally the best.. i used that more than anything.. the fact sheets were perfect for the test, the examsim questions were harder than the actual

fourth, i had bought myself 3 cisco routers..didnt use them much, but when i did i followed the guide on the sybex book..

then, i bought some stuff from " The Bryant Advantage" which the guy is totally awesome and helped me whenever i needed it.. bought his whole study package for 20 bucks, and i also rented his equipment ( 3 routers, 2 switches, ISDN, frame relay.....OOO awesome stuff.. ::Drool:: )and i used his hex study book for subnetting and such... great book.. i learned a lot

now, i studied for 3 months, every day, took a lot of breaks, got side tracked a lot..well im only 18, so there are a lot of things running through my head.. but yeah.. for 3 months of studying.. that test, honestly, was super easy... i never knew about cisco before that class, and what 3-4 months later im walking away with a certificate and a mass amount of knowledge..

but yeah.. i used a thomson testing center, had 2 pictures not show up during the test, so the guy came and restarted the computer for me..and then they showed up..THEN

this is the worst part

i get to question 55, bout the easiest question for mei hit next to complete it, im done ...i click next one more time.. then ..all of the sudden, im kicked out of the program back to the desktop.. im like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! the guy was all, what happened? i was like , im done... and it kicked me out.. he was like okay lets re-log back in.. so we did.. and it wouldnt let us get back into the test... man that sucked sooooo bad.. so now here i am waiting till wednesday to call thomson for my scores..

your prob thinking, " you prob didnt pass the test".... nah it was to easy for me to not pass it.. im more than enuf confident that i passed that test.. it was a joke, literally.. i've had harder PE classes than that test could stand up to..

anyway, i hope i helped somebody out.. its not that bad of a test guys, really, its not..

good luck to everyone taking it today and from here on.. :) it was fun!

Working on MCSA......
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