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Cisco is going to retired 640-607 by replacing 640-801 as I came across in it's own website. The last day registration for 640-607 in September 30,2003.
My questions are:
1. Do I need to take instantly for 640-801 after I took 640-607 by assuming I pass it somewhere in September?
2. If no, how long the cert will last for 640-607?
3. Any tips and preparation for taking the CCNA exam?
I'm asking these questions cos i'm half way through learning 640-607 module. Thanks for any feedback


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    3 Years.
    Do Boson Exams. Once you constantly start getitng 90-95% in those tests, you should be in pretty good shape. Also get hands on experience with routers. Don't just read about them and memorize commands. Just fooling around with routers doing random stuff will allow you to recall commands rather than trying to just remember them. My other tip would be to get the Wendell Odom Cisco Press book. It goes far beyond the scope of the CCNA and is a very good read. Don't think the CCNA exam is difficult to get. Some people make it out to be far more difficult than it actually is . :D
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    Thanks for the reply prolific...
    how do i get Boson practise kit? but i do have Boson Router Simulator software and Boson e-book by Richard Deal, and also ICND by Ciscopress.
    It's sufficient materials to prepare for the exam?
    Once again, thanks for the reply...
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    You can buy the boson tests from They have 3 Practice Tests and each are $40. I've seen all 3 of them and they are pretty good at getting you prepared for the CCNA. I feel the price for them is a bit to high though. icon_wink.gif
    There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that don't.
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