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I passed A+ back in, november last year.. it was difficult for me, first cert i ever took.. awesome test, very fun!! lol

i had a course on hardware and OS, seperate.. just used the basic books that came with the class.. which i believe were thomson prometric books..pretty decent..

i have 8-9 years in computer hardware alone, so ofcourse i passed my hardware pretty well.. then i took OS thinking it was gonna be simple, i failed it the first time, and took it again 2 weeks later..i was terrified of that test.. lol

but just know one thing..dont give up guys/gals. the material is out there, study it well..take some practice exams, dont have to be the best ones, but just take a few to get your feet wet, and you'll be stylin. a friend at my school passed both first time..and i was afraid to tell him i failed the OS.. cuz i knew he would ridicule me.. lol.. but yeah, he doesnt know till this day.. lol.. but i guess i shouldnt be ashamed of it, i came back and forkin beat that test to the finish line.

hope somebody got something from this.
Working on MCSA......


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    my_id_0308my_id_0308 Member Posts: 171
    great advice mike63304,
    yup,when you failed reaching your goal, dont give up for there is always a chance for each and every one of us to pass no matter how hard the exam is.
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