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I had a question I was hoping someone can help me out with:
Something like this...sorry I can't remember word for word.

A network running RIP and a link fails. Triggered updates go out sending a the route out all interfaces that the network is unreachable. (hop count 16.) What does the receiving routers do with this update?

Do they immediately put the new route in the routing table, or because of holdown timers do they wait the allotted time?

I'm not sure If I missed this one or not. I was hoping someone else has seen it.


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    If the receiving router has the hold-down timer enabled, it will put the route in hold-down and ignore any new routing updates about the destination network for the hold-down time period.

    During this period, the route is marked inaccessible and advertised as unreachable. However, the route continues to forward packets until the hold-down timer expires. When the timer expires, routes advertised by other sources are accepted.
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