** looking into doing cwts **

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Im looking into doing CWTS. I thought this would supplement my Network+ . My network + is N10-003.
Looking into the CWTS objectives , wireless has come along from my network+ days. This should be a nice update. Bonus that the cert is for life. I will wait for the new exam to go live.
The CWTS: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Official Study Guide: (PW0-071) is out and i will prob buying this book. But if anyone knows of a better study guide please let me know.Any online sample questions or any other blogs, study notes ect which will help please let me know to. I do have Nugget video's of the old exam objectives (PW0-070) but i think it should still be good.

The objectives (old or new )seem to cover topics not covered by the network+ exam( back then any way) but then again this exam is only for wireless. where as the network+ exam covered a wider topic of networking including some wireless and now wireless has grown.

I think since the N10-003 exam wireless is one of the main subjects that has evolved i think. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    If you sign up for the CWNP.com newsletter, you'll get access to their online practice tests. They have a good forum over there as well.
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    thanks for the tip
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    I can't say enough good things about the resources available on the cwnp site, get their newsletter, do the questions of the day, check out their video on the 802.11n amendment. Consider doing the CWNA as opposed to the cwts. Yes its covers a broader range of material but you don't need the TS to do the NA. The NA program is awesome and will definitely equip you with some valuable knowledge. If you are looking to be a well rounded tech, the TS is fine but if you want to be the go to guy for wireless, seriously consider the NA, or do the TS as a stepping stone to NA, then dont stop there. I got a taste for it and I intend to do the wireless security cert as well.

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    I'm testing for the PW0-070 on December 7th. I'll let you know how it goes. I feel it's a fairly basic exam for those with wireless experience. Hopefully my initial assessment is correct and I pass with no problems. Then I'll knock out the CWNA afterwards. Just didn't want to do any RF math this time around. :P
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    Just got back from the testing center and passed with an 85%.

    Exam wasn't too difficult nothing compared to the Cisco exams. If you have a general understanding of wireless and the components behind it you should be fine. Make sure you know the different a/b/g/n down cold though. They'll be questions about MIMO, RADIUS, Antenna Diversity, Multipath, etc. on there so know all the terms that make up wireless and you should be good.
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    I am a network system services technician studying for the first level wireless technology specialist certification CWTS. I am currently supposed to be studying with three other technicians but there is not much participation.
    I am currently reading the CWTS and started an online study group. I am looking for other techs who maybe studying any of the CWNP certs to join in on at least the online study. PM me if interested.
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    jlennon - I am also intending to do CWTS. I would love to join your study group even if to keep ourselves motivated :D

    Let's get in touch and get this cert. in the bag !
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    good idea like to join your study group too
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    Have u written the exam?
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    I passed with 85%. On to CWNA
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    Just passed the CWNA this morning with a 96%! I've worked with enterprise level wireless networks/deployments for a few years now and I must say the exam has a great depth and truly is spot on with the domains/questions...Good n luck on your journey!
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