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Hello Everyone.

I sat my CISSP exam recently and unfortunately I scored 688. I have a MSc in Information Security but I don't have the required experience which I think was the major problem during the exam. I will appreciate tips and recommendation in helping me becoming an Associate of (ISC)2. I struggled with questions that had 2 close answers. Thanks in advance for your tips


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    Sorry about your miss. You are so close to passing that you should seriously re-study your three worst domains and take the exam again within the next several weeks while the information is fresh in your mind. Now that you have seen the style and content of the exam's items, you have an excellent chance of passing it on the second go.
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    All hope is not lost...Keep your head up and try again. I understand what you mean on two close answers. What helped me was a lot was Eric Conrad Page 2 titled “The CISSP exam is a Management exam” I am not going to list what he said within the book because I don’t know if I would be breaking some type of copyright infringement law. Since I am not a lawyer I just going to explain it the best way I know how to. Simply put, think like a manager. It’s that simple, two close answers however its always one better answer, you literally have to take yourself out of your current job role and put yourself within a C-level position. Understand the question and understand the answers choices. As a manager if I seek consulting from my local fire department, I am more concerned about preventing fires that suppressing fires, therefor I would seek an answer that has something to do with preventing fires. That's how I approached my questions with more than 2 right answers.

    Hope this helps, Conrad explains it better.
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    Dont' forget rule #142191 of CISSP examinations: Human life is always the most important thing, ever, always.

    For instance:

    1. What technology is used to monitor and can react to threats that traverse through the network?
    A) IPS
    B) IDS
    C) Host based firewalls
    D) Human life

    Pick D!
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    Thanks for the tips everyone I will keep my head up and do it again. Cheers
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