Should I do ICND Part 2 or Security + or 70-680 microsoft course next ?

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Hello Folks,

I passed the ICND part 1 exam two weeks ago and I am considering what IT course to do next ! . (ICND part2 or Security + or maybe microsoft 70 -680,configuring Win 7 ). I also have A+ & Network + .
When I looked at various Tech websites , some people say that having the CCNA cert & no IT work experience will not get you an IT job (networking or entry level) .

I am not working right now & I am trying to get my first job in IT (although for the last 8 months I have been working for a Charity Organisation, 1 day per week, repairing & upgrading computers). .

I am thinking that if I complete the Security + or microsoft 70-680 that these certs will give me a more general IT background which will me more useful to future employers ?.

How should I approach this dilemma ?

regards, john


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    CCENT won't really get you anything. I think 70-680 would help you get an entry-level job, but it's far from necessary with Net+ and A+. CCNA won't magically get you an admin job, but it sure won't hurt.

    I think you should be trying for a job right now regardless. I don't see any of these as necessary to getting that job.
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    +1 for ICND2. It just looks better on a resume than any CompTIA or single MS exam
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    How about just studying for ICND2 and security+. So when you have the money for either one go for what ever one you're comfortable with passing.
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    I agree with Iristheangel the CCNA helped me more then all of my certifications combined.
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    Thanks for yours replies, I will think over what you have said...

    regards, GoldenPC .
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    ICND2. Your half way through your CCNA might as well complete it. With 70-680 you have to learn everything from the start.
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    +1 for ICND2.
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    GoldenPC wrote: »
    How should I approach this dilemma ?

    This isn't a dilemma. It's a no brainer.
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    For a long while there was no such thing as CCENT. I am not sure which ICND test is harder (I took the composite exam) but you are halfway to a very good certification. Then do MS, the combination of both is a winner.
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    ICND 2 for the win
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    one more for ICND2

    ccent is great, but the majority of people dont know what that it is
    vs the majority of ppl who know what CCNA is
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    Thanks again for your inputs...
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