help, A+ study guide recommendation

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Want to know if anybody knows where i can get the a+ cert. study guide for free over the internet


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    In most cases, you get what you paid for. I suggest dropping the cash and getting the Mike Meyers book
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    Try going through some of the many "I passed A+" and similar threads in this forum and you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. There are many free relevant resources but they usually work best when you use them to compliment a book and/or training videos.
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    I would recommend Professor Messer videos, great tool for me, and Mike Meyers book as well. Both are solid resources.
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    If you want free reading material you can find some resources out there but the issue you will run into is that a lot of those notes are for older exams. So you'll end up studying some objectives that you don't need.

    I would recommend professor messer videos/study group replays which are free and just dropping 10-20 dollars on an ebook/kindle version of exam cram for a+

    Mike Meyers and Todd lammle both have popular all in one type books for the a+ as well. It comes down to preference though so read a sample of each on amazon. I preferred exam cram personally.

    Just print off the exam objectives and tick them off as you read/watch about them and feel comfortable that you know enough about the topic.
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    I've been in and out of IT for about 10 years. I took the 800 series test. What helped me the most was ExamCram practice exams 801-802. Probably second was Transceder flash cards on my phone. (701 was free), Professor Messer's website(also free) not just for the video but practice questions. And lastly, the internet (Always free), if I came across a term I didn't understand (like "Tailgating") I would look it up and make sure I at least understood the basics of it. Good luck!
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    Try you can download trial test for free to prep yourself for exam. Look at comments on each one make sure to find the one which says most the people passed and the dates of passing.
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    There are PDF versions available of Mike Meyers book. Also, Professor Messer website is 2nd to none for free study material. He also has random A+ questions as well that will help you out. Success on your journey to A+.
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