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I am doing research on possibly moving into database administration, the end goal being Business Intelligence (at some point). Microsoft has really made the certification process difficult to understand. Also, in my area everyone is asking for SQL Server 2008. My worry is I wouldn't be able to complete the certifications prior to them being retired. So how exactly should I proceed? Should be noted that I have no database experience at this point.
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    With zero experience, I'd start with 2012. I expect 2012 will be in full swing by the time you are looking for junior DBA positions.
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    I agree with CarlSaiyed's assessment. You would get little value from the 2008 certs expiring before you completed them. I think the 2012 path is actually a lot more practical, as well.

    Have you seen this page?
    SQL Server Certification Overview
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    The MCSA certification will require a minimum of 3 exams. Both MCSE certifications will require a minimum of 5 exams (includes the MCSA). Previous certification provides an alternative (but not necessarily quicker) route to SQL Server 2012 certification. You might as well start right in with 2012.
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    Anyone know how much different the 2012 version of SQL is too 2008? I've got books/videos here at work for 2008 and don't really want to invest the time watching/reading them if its completely different. I must add that I need to go down the Development route.
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  • RobertKaucherRobertKaucher Member Posts: 4,298 ■■■■■■■■■■
    If you already have the resources, they will be worth your time. There were additions to SQL Server but nothing was removed. Especially from a T-SQL perspective, a good foundation in T-SQL 2008 will really put you ahead of the game in learning the new features of T-SQL 2012.
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    I have my MCITP-DBA 2008. 432 and 450...ya, that's right.

    I found that those exams and books really helped me to get a good understanding of SQL and update my skills from the 2k and 2k5 version. So, I can only reply with my experience. The 2k8 route is wonderful.
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