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This issue is driving me nuts. So i purchased a dell poweredge r720 vdi in a box appliance, which i already configured xen server 6.0.2. and also configured xen center until i reach the point where it has me select my datastore. I pointed to local drive on the appliance and selected network 0. Then i dont see any VM's available which makes sense. My question is how do i install a base win 7 VM on the hypervisor so that i can continue with setting up my golden image.

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    I don't know how to it on XenServer (we use VMware), but your golden images and ViaB appliance should be on the same VLAN and datastore. I'd suggest you to ask someone at Citrix Forums : VDI-in-a-Box 5.x
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    If I understand you correctly then your thinking that you create the golden image using the viab wizard. How you actually do it is my using xencenter to create a windows 7 vm to be your base in a very similar way that would would create a vm with vmware.

    After you've built your vm (remember to use enterprise licencing), then go through the viab wizard which should list the vm as importable or at least give you a reason why you can't. follow the wizard and customize the image when told too and you can't go far wrong.
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    Correct. If you don't see any images to import, they are probably running on another datastore (not sure what it's called in Xen). Even if the machine is off, ViaB should be able to see it.
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    thank you!
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