Rejected many times please help

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Im 19 years old and have been working with computers for 3 years or more and also have worked in the computer feild for a year and a half. But heres the kicker, i have applyed to many jobs regaurding computers and networking but have been told over and over agian that i do not have enough expereince. But on the other had I was offered a teaching postition for an High School IT class. Weird huh. But any way can any one give me any pointers or suggestions where to obtain experience it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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    To answer this question, you are going to have to answer some questions.

    Where in IT do you want to go?

    What positions are you applying for?

    What experience do you have?
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    Keep sending out applications...

    Your local paper...

    I sent out maybe 100 resumes (on the low estimate) in about a month long period and I got about 4 replies. I have about the same amount of experience you have (year wise) and currently have a job as a network consultant for a medium sized firm.

    In regards to experience, (this my experience you may get lucky/unlucky), you may have to eat crow for a little bit. I took a job with an IT certification school doing basic support, customer service and the best part icon_rolleyes.gif a whole $6.00 an hour...which in the almost 2 years I was there and as a supervisor rose to $9.00 an hour.

    Ha ha, only cool part I got to take all my certification exams for free which was always my plan.

    Just my $0.02 hope it helps.
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    To answer your question Noods im applying forn every IT job i come across, the experience i have is from working with computers every day and some clases in High school, and pretty much learning every thing on my own from Windows to UNIX, and where i want to go is either some where in Imformation Secuity Systems or as a Network Consultant.

    But thank you both for helping in my delimma and i will look into getting in with a IT certification school mosty for the experieance but most importly for the certs.

    Thanks agian
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    Do you hold any certifications>?
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    The problem may be that you have no significant IT experience, and no specific direction.

    Find an entry level position that is related to where you want to go and put some time in. It may not be exactly what you want to do but it is something you can put on your resume. Recruiters appreciate fundamental experience.

    Obtain some related certifications and study until you have them. This will show recruiters you not only have related knowledge, but you have the ability and enthusiasm to learn about new technologies.

    I beleive your education should be tailored to the position you want to obtain, and really, people dont know what positions are out there until you are in an adjacent position. Give yourself some direction, find an entry level job, learn about other jobs, and certify yourself to learn about those technologies.
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    Do you have any plans for college? I've noticed that it's a lot easier to get jobs if you have *some* college experience. If you say you're working toward a degree, that will look very good even if you've only been in school for a year or so.

    Depending on what school you go to, they may have a lot of work study positions available that are IT-related.
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    I got hired through the monster website. I work at DLink right now as a junior tech support. I have no experience in the IT field other then co op for four months in grade 12 as a pc technician.

    I was currently enrolled in college, I just finished my first year. From what I understood, they were just looking for people who had some knowledge of TCP/IP and had some schooling.

    At this point when I was interviewed, I had no certifications or anything yet. I got hired. I found out just a couple weeks ago that people who finished the program I was taking also just got that job there, couple of other people from other colleges who finished there programs are also taking it.

    Anyways, making a good resume always helps. All my friends use my resume as a reference when they make theirs. Not sure why, I just use the microsoft templates.

    Anyways, just have faith. I also applied to AOL but got rejected. I wasn't even expecting the job at DLink to be honest, I just figered what the hell
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    to answer you question bighusker im currently attending ITT and will have my AS in Computer Networking Systems and am returning for my BS in Information Security Systems.
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