I got a job, finally!

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Well, after over 2 years of applying for the few IT jobs available in the area and continuing to work on my certifications I finally got a job! The position is actually "Computer Tech" and I'll be working nights for one of the largest hosptials in the area. The job consists of supporting the hosptial employees computer needs, software/hardware upgrades, prevenative maintenance, backups, ect. I'll be the 14th person in the IT department, but the only one during the night hours (11PM - 7AM).

I applied for the job over a month ago and gave up on them ever calling. I got a call just yesterday for an interview today and they called me back in less than 3 hours after the interview and told me they wanted me to start ASAP! Pay for this area is above average ($5 more per hour than my current sales job, which is better than average pay it's self) and I have to be on call 1 weekend per month for which I get paid $1.50 per hour for carrying a pager and time and a half for getting called in.

I gave my 2 weeks notice and I start August 4th. So my message to all of you still studying and waiting for an IT job on any level - don't give up your time will come.. probably when you least expect it. But it will come.



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    Congratulations man. I know a lot of guys who worked in hospital gigs and they look great on resumes.

    I'd hate to be on call, but I guess it's better than having a boss who sends you all over NJ with one day notice and expects you to drive from South Jersey to North Jersey to sit in the office for one hour...when you're on salary.....*sorry just blowing off a little steam, I'm a consultant so I bounce all over.*

    Is this your first IT job?
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    Is this your first IT job?

    Yup, my first real IT job. I do computer work for the company I work at now, but only on a case by case basis so it doesn't really amount to much.

    The being on call part didn't really bother me, my dad is on call and he's an assistant administrator for a different hosptial and he doesn't get paid any extra for carrying a pager, it's just required.

    The hours aren't that great, but I stressed to them that I was willing to work those hours to gain experience. They told me being a good employee would get me first dibs on any positions available with better hours, so hopefully I won't be on nights for more than a few months.
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    Sounds very promising :)

    Sometimes I forget that the real victory isnt the certification, is the jobs the certifications allow us to obtain. Congrats! :)
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    When I worked at a 24-hr helpdesk, it was so hard to find people who were willing to work the night shift that once you started working nights you were stuck with it. There wasn't a single night shift person that got promoted because all the higher level positions were during the day. Keep that in mind if it's been 6 months and they keep telling you that a spot will open up 'soon'.
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    trust me man, hold onto this job tight. if you feel that you will not be able to get off nights, who gives a crap, just work the job a couple of years and use it as a stepping stone!
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    Not bad...

    Become a lifer there while you get your certs and apply for internal positions...

    2.5 pesos
    What next?
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    congrats to matts5074 for getting your job..i am worried..i totally have no experience or what soever..yeiks..
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