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Hi dears all I am seriously wonder about these IT certifications. My question is this how much
IT certifications have demands in markets. I am referring my Uncle who is now in Australia.
he has following certifications having 15+ year experiences:
1 :BS-Telecom (Network engineer specialized with network programming Wireless , networking and artificial intelligence )
2 :MS-Networking (Specialization in network programming)
3 :CompTiA Network+
4 :CCNA( Cisco Certified Network Associate in Routing and Switching)
5 :CCNP( Cisco Certified Network Professional)
6 :CCVP(Cisco Certified Voice Professional)
7 :CWNA( Certified Wireless Network Administrator)
8 :CWNP(Certified Wireless Network Professional)
9 :CCIE( Cisco Certified Internet Expert in Routing and Switching) // Starts Hicosoft Networks
10 :PMP( Certified Project Managment Professional)
11 :ComTIA Security+
12 :CWSP( Certified Wireless Security Professional)
13 :CWSP( Certified Wireless Security Professional)
14 :CEH( Certified Ethical Hacker)
15 :CCNA Security
16 :CCSP( cisco Certified Security Professional)
17 :CHFI( Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator)
18 :CIFI( Certified Information Forensics Investigator)

Now a days I am also on the same tract means at no#1 and what do u thinks should I also Tract this path...... I also wants these certs..... to make myself Like a billgates.


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    Those certs will not make you like a Bill Gates.

    It looks like a decent path to me, but its a long path. Keep your certification goals short term because you never know how the market will shift.
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    **** wrote: »
    It is not easy but if you decided then don't come back. and after complete your goals you should make your identity.

    Yep, dears - great response - I agree wholeheartedly!
    Maybe this should be moved to the security thread?
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    Why can't he stay and have company? Knowing there's someone out there doing the same thing helps with the torture of how much personal time it's going to take. Afterall, you can't just walk down the street, normally, and say "That CEH certification bent me over and found me in the alps!" I'm sure most wouldn't know, or could care less. Having someone going for the same things makes you feel not alone, and helps boost motivation to continue. Especially if you're competitive, then you'll do it to keep up!

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    Well said Roguetadhg!

    @Talha_Alam_56 - welcome to TE and I hope you find your place in IT. That is a pretty long list of qualifications. I cannot speak of the Australian market, but in the US, certs are great to get a foot in the door but it's skill and experience that keeps you in the building. As it is observed many times in many threads on TE, it's not the certs and degrees that matter, it's the willingness to excel in your profession and build on your career. The degrees and certs are simply one dimension in career building.

    And btw - Bill Gates was a college dropout and I do not believe he has any certs.
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    In the Australian Market (i live in Australia) a lot of entry jobs are asking for CCNA or even MCSE these days.
    If you really want to know what clout these certs hold in the Au market, hit up SEEK - Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site and have a look.
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