Programmer or Networker

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which one is the better job and which one has the better pay in you alls opinion


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    IMHO, Programmers are the very end of the food chain icon_wink.gif

    I wouldn't say that one is higher payed then the other, it's just a matter of how good you are and how good you can "sell" you knowledge.

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    The one doesn't necessarily pay better than the other. It's like comparing a laywer and a doctor, it depends a lot on what jobs you take, your skills and specialties, the location, current demand etc.etc.

    You can earn a 6-figure income with either, but imho you should go for the one which you like doing the most.
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    i started as a ibm mainframe operator then programmer

    and i am now a networker and much happier .... :D

    but as stated it depends on your personal skills and what makes you happy.

    i'm creeping to 6 figures after 18 years in the industry and that's with no college degree.
    i believe I'll be at 6 figures @20
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    If you're a programmer, it would also depend on whether you were a consultant (which a lot of my professors are, on the side), or if you programmed for ONE company.

    You could most likely get paid better if you were good enough to do consulting.
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