Passed the GIAC GSE written exam yesterday!

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As the title implies, I feel very accomplished to have walked away with a 96% on the GIAC GSE written exam yesterday. It's a great feeling. It's only half the battle, but I look forward to the lab exam at Orlando in March. But more importantly, I know there are others on this forum that are considering or currently pursuing the GSE and would love to hear some feedback.

I know the information on the GIAC website regarding the GSE is naturally vague, but it is very truthful. If you are comfortable with the objectives listed, I don't see any reason you shouldn't attempt the GSE. Also, the prep guide from Kevin Bong is really good. One thing that really sticks out for me in Kevin Bong's guide is:

"techniques used in the challenges come directly from SEC 401-GSEC, SEC 503-GCIA, and SEC 504-GCIH."

If you have these books, study them really well. Recognize your weak areas and devote some energy to them.

I spent about sixty hours within a three-week period studying for the GSE written exam. I do not build indexes like others do, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend building an index. I could see that as being a very productive exercise. Instead, I use post-it notes to create bookmarks.

I didn't bring my GSEC books, as I felt pretty comfortable with that material. Opting instead to only bring by GCIH and GCIA books. It made things a little less encumbered. Things could get pretty cumbersome with around 18 books in your testing area.

I am excited to hear about others that may be attempting the GSE lab at Orlando in March, 2013. So, keep me posted.



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