Good IPS rmaterial.

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Hey guys, so my new job has a couple IPS here and there and I was wondering what the best resources are for getting familiar with these devices.

I've got the IPS OCG guide and I've been a lot of the documentation on so I think I've gotten a decent hand around these device but I just wanted to check in and see if anyone had any really good docs or link that go above and beyond.

Thanks guys!
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  • Maced129Maced129 Posts: 78Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Cisco live 365 ( has some good slides for tuning and deploying Cisco IPS.
    Also you can get a v6.0 IPS running in GNS3 and mess with it.
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    Well, configuring and tuning IPS is highly environment dependent (network traffic, architecture, applications, security policy). This is the reason why the books and articles just present all the available options without any specific templates. What works for one network, would possibly be detrimental for the other. So if you are looking for something like that, I don't think you will find it.
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