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Hi everyone,

Just a quick GLBP query! I have the attached image configured and I have all devices set to preempt. I shut the interface down for Switch B and Switch C took over as the active. I assumed Switch A would have taken over as this had the highest priority?


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    I could never get consistent results with this. When I was labbing this up when I was studying for switch I remember the highest interface ip address always took over as AVF for the virtual mac that just failed. The priority and weighting didnt seem to effect it. Whereas the priority is key in deciding active and standby AVG's.

    if you change A's ip to .13 you should see what happens.
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    Weird. Whenever I labbed it, it always went to highest priority. GNS3 and C2691 images.
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    Same here...this is very strange. Perhaps its a GNS3 bug. Got a couple of physical routers you can test it on? Or try using the free Packetlife lab.

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