Long time lurker, About to get A+.

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I been prepping for A+ the pass 2 months, I haven't been the most consistent with my studying(working and intern) but for the most part I know my stuff. I passed both the comptia practice exams, a couple from cert blaster. I been using jean andrews guide to hardware + software in addition to CB nuggets(just about to finish the series) going to watch a few of prof messer videos and i have tons of not. I am worried that I'm over studying. Any tips?

After A+ i plan to do N+ then after CCNA or Security + not sure which first.


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    Good luck, I'm taking my A+ in two months, and I've been watching Proffessor Messer videos, I recommend them. And there is no such thing as over studying! Just remember that each domain has a certain percentage of questions, so every little detail won't be on the exam; only the general stuff for each section of each domain will.
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    Great first post.

    I certainly understand the concern with studying too much, but it won't prevent you from passing. It could be that you're ready to take the first exam now (though I really can't say how ready you are). If you continue studying for the next two months, you'll just build and reaffirm your knowledge. At this stage, I'd look for some reliable practice test questions (with explanations) to test your readiness.

    Good luck.
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