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Dear All,

I am Prasad Bhonkar 30 years of age from Goa India having 7 years of work experience in Service desk/IT help desk. I don’t have proper educational background in Information Technology. I have done my BA from Periyar University (Distance mode) and I MCP certified. I am working in Service desk /IT help desk agent in a Chemical company. Being an outsourced employee there is no respect for me in my organization. Here all the time I am overloaded by work and I never get appreciation for my work. Sometimes I feel like to quit this Help desk area and take some other non IT job.
Can anyone please give me some good suggestions for my career?




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    What interests you? Go with what you want to do be doing. If you like computers/IT, start studying for an entry-level cert or two. If you like to remain in the Petroleum/Chemical industry, maybe a degree/diploma in that field may help. This is an IT certification website, most of the advice you'll get will be IT related.

    Welcome to the forums and here's to hoping you'll come back to read this.
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    I would like to go with Microsoft and VMWARE certifications.Could any one please advice?
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    I have no Idea how things are in the IT scene @ India.

    But one thing is sure, with 7 years of experience you have more than enough to move up the ladder.
    You need to focus what you want to do, do you want to move up in help desk? servers? networks? security? management? etc
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    If you'ld like to go with Microsoft as you say, start out with the MCTS for Win7 (exam 70-680) or Win8 (exam 70-687). Be warned though, you will need to go to the Microsoft website and read up on today's requirements for the exam if you pursue the Win7 edition, which has changed a LOT since the MS Press book came out.
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    kurosaki00 I have two choices servers or security. Could you please advice how to start?
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