In need of Advice. Stuck in a rut.

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Hi All,

First time poster from the UK who really needs some advice on which certificates to take.

First some background. I currently work in a 1st line/Helpdesk environment, which I have been doing for the last 2 1/2 years. Pays not all bad but no progression possibilities (I was offered a 2nd line role, but a week later it was announced that most of our 2nd line work was to be off-shored). Before this I worked on another help desk for a large PC/Electrical store providing customers with support.

Academically, I studied business at university but quickly decided that I was much more interested in IT than the business world (been a "geek" all my life, built my first PC when ~I was 9). I have an IT A Level but fell out of love of it at school due to the way it was taught.

Knowledge wise I feel I have a handle on all the basics and use AD/remote support tools regularly.

I'm not sure whether to bother with something like A+ as I feel this would be a waste of time/money as I feel my experience shows I know most of this already. I'm looking to get into a 2nd line role, but not sure which certification would help me achieve this. I was thinking about going for Network+ but not sure if this is the right option to help me achieve my goals.

Any advice regarding what certification to go for would be gladly received.

Thanks, Tim.


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    Hi Tim,

    welcome to the forums.
    Tim_S wrote: »
    I was thinking about going for Network+ but not sure if this is the right option to help me achieve my goals.

    Well, what are your goals, what would you want your next step and the step after that to be?

    I think something like Network+ is always valuable as it will bring your Troubleshooting Skills to a new level. Once you understand how Switches and Routers work you will be able to identify problems much quicker.

    Working on CCNP: [X] SWITCH --- [ ] ROUTE --- [ ] TSHOOT
    Goal for 2014: RHCA
    Goal for 2015: CCDP
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    Skip Network+ and get a CCNA certificate instead. You'll get the basic knowledge and then some. Once you get your CCNA, you'll need to decide what drives you.
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    by what you have told us I would skip A+

    I would take a look at network+ goals and see if you cover most of them
    some of those dont even matter (sorry comptia)
    If you are not sure, check out professor messer videos on Network+
    watch em and if you feel you are good with most of it
    skip N+ too

    Like Jdancer I would go for ccna if you want more network knowledge and solid door into the network environment or security+ to see if youre into security (basics)
    or microsoft if you want to go deeper into help desk/system admin/MS
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    For a 2nd-line role, the Microsoft certs MCTS (Configuring Win7, exam 70-680) and MCITP (Enterprise Desktop Support Technican, exam 70-685) are some good stuff that aren't too hard (achievable by reading books + taking test). CCNA as mentioned too, of course. If I were you, I'ld get the A+ and Net+ if you could get your employer to pay for them (and maybe even reward you for passing them), otherwise skip them.
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