a voucher exam

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does anyone have a answer and question for a cisco voucher exam.


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    Hmm.. I'm thinking your talking about the Cisco Networking Academy Voucher Exam that you have to take in order to get your 50% discount. Anyways, I did the voucher exam a couple weeks back and it is very very simple. I got 97% on it btw. Each question only has one answer and there are no choose all that apply. Although they don't tell you the exact score you need to get the voucher, one of my friends got 77% on the voucher exam and still received the voucher. Im sure someone who has taken this voucher exam has copied and pasted all the questions somewhere, but its not a very good idea going about and asking for these questions. Im sure Cisco won't be too pleased with this. icon_confused.gif
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    i agree the voucher exam was quite simple.. but it did had some tricky spots.. to my knowledge there were three versions of it.. i, by chance got the hardest.. neverless i got the voucher.. 50% off is worth it :)
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