Ten year-old becomes Microsoft engineer

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    lol, she's a MCAD too! Pretty impressive.
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    Impressive indeed. She was acutally 9 years old when she became a MCAD icon_eek.gif

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    ...but why?!
    She doesn't need it...i mean.. instead of studying like mad at that age, why doesn't she just go out and have a childhood?? icon_rolleyes.gif
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    She seems to be very happy with what she is doing. It doesn't seem like she is "studying like mad", but is just having fun. Whether it will turn out to be a 'smart' idea on the long run is something I'll leave up to her parents to predict and judge. I'm sure she'll do fine as a grown-up too. I assume she's not behind the keyboard all day. I guess what I'm saying is that I think it's fine as long as it is a hobby instead of a day job.

    Though I would not dare to compare myself to her on that age, I was programming games on an Atari 800XL when I was 8 years old - that doesn't mean I wasn't playing with marbles also. ;)
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    MCSE at 10, CCNA at 11...

    Ok, programming is one thing, but what the heck is interesting about managing Microsoft/Cisco networks at 10/11 years old...? icon_eek.gif
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    I wish I was thinking about computers when I was 5, I would have been so much further ahead today...
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    That's amazing! :D
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    wow...that is awesome...now i am starting to regret..just got interested in IT at a very late age...how i wish i can turn back time..got to pull out my socks
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    It's interesting that no one has thrown out the term 'paper MCSE' yet.
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    icon_eek.gif OMG, damn....im speechless
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    well, i must say thats interesting.. but will these kids know a basic childhood? instead of being stuck infront of a PC for serveral hours a day.

    O well, build your engineers early icon_eek.gif
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    I would rather prepare my kids for the real world, then have them playing kickball in the front yard. I’m not saying keeping your kids in the house all day to study is good, but who said she spends all day studying. Remember, as long as you are competent you can learn anything you desire, and to put an age on what you can learn is ignorant.
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    She studies in her tree fort.

    icon_eek.gif Impressive....Thats awesome. I bet she took them just becasue she could.
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