CISSP for Dummies 4th edition

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Have anyone read the book CISSP for Dummies 4th edition and how is it?
AIO guide is bulky that I often lose interst while sttudying. Any tips would really help me how to study without losing interest.


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    Dummies 4th edition is pretty good, bought it after I kept falling asleep reading Shon's 5th edition AIO. I would still recommend using the AIO as a reference, since it goes into much greater detail on all the domains.

    I'm doing cccure tests as time permits and just ordered Conrad's 11th hour...attending a CISSP review course next week; taking the exam sometime in mid-December.
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    When you are talking about the CISSP, bulky is a good thing. The more details you know, the better chance you have. There is no such thing as being fully prepared for this test by reading one book. The only way you can be sure that you've actually covered all the content that will be on the test is if you read all 100 resources that the test is drawn from (the list is available on ISC2's website). If you aren't willing to do that (I don't blame you), the more ground you can cover, the better off you'll be. The AIO is one of the most comprehensive single resources you can find...assuming you can handle Shon Harris' numerous bad attempts at humor.
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    I flipped through the cissp for dummies one day at the book store and it seemed pretty good about explaining things, though maybe a bit simplistic? It would probably make a nice 2nd book to look at for subjects that you are not sure of with your main book. I pretty much only used the Syngress books and to study, and felt fairly well prepared. The key is to start with a wide swath of material and narrow it down til where you are just looking at "**** sheet" style pages for review. has a couple really good ones, along with a few other docs. I tried the AIO years ago, but it just put me to sleep.
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    I found the CISSP for Dummies useful just before the exam as good review.
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    lifecomm wrote: »
    I found the CISSP for Dummies useful just before the exam as good review.

    This is what I did as well with the Dummies book. It came out roughly 3 weeks before my exam date (maybe 3 and a half) and I got my hands on a copy at the library which amazingly had a one only 1 week after it was released. So I was able to read it cover to cover just before my exam. Before that Id read the Conrad book and the OIG. I didn't read ANY of the AIO although I did have it. I used it only for the end of chapter questions. I was going to use it if I failed, but fortunately I didn't have to use it.

    The dummies book I think could also be used in the reverse of what myself and lifecomm did, and use it to break into your studies before moving onto more in depth books.
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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts.. I now have a better understanding of how to use the dummies book..
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