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Hello Techies,

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I've been looking to focus on my IT portion of my career, so I decided to take the 800 series A+ exam. I chose 800, because I need to talk up the mobile component. I studied for about 2 months, and scheduled the exam last Saturday at a facility an hour and a half away because they were the closest that had weekend testing.

I arrived an hour and a half early, mostly to get the travel anxiety over with, and some last minute studying. Unfortunately the testing center was having technical issues. (The Irony wasn't lost on me) And I had to wait an additional 2 hours. After being "keyed up" to take the test, I passed the 801.

I was automatically late for the second test, which I scheduled for an hour after, took a 5 minute break and went back in for the second exam. After sitting, the computer was asking for an authorization code, and I was unable to take the test. I waited an additional hour to see if the problem could be resolved, but I was sent home to reschedule after.

So with the 3 hours of driving, 45 minutes for the test, and 4 1/2 hours of waiting, I'm half done. I called the number I was given, and the answering machine said I had to wait till 10 am on Monday. (9 central) I called yesterday, and was told it would take 3-5 business days to even get an email back to reschedule. With Thanksgiving this week, I wasn't even guaranteed to have it by Saturday. (the day I'd like it to be rescheduled.)

Then my wifes car broke $$$, a client called up unhappy, there's a problem with my health ins, the water in my house has bacteria, and a job lead fell through.

My question is, should I have NOT cut off that Old Gypsy lady in traffic on the way to the test?


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