Narbik's soup to nuts workbook

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Just had a question about this workbook. I see there's a free download here:
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However, when I download it, the front page says "Answers" and throughout the PDF it shows how to complete each task given. I was just wondering if this is the same workbook that I hear everyone referring to, or is there one with no answers given, and then you can refer to this workbook when you need the answers?

Since it's a free download I'm assuming there's a WB that just has the tasks separately, but not sure. Thanks
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    Narbik has several workbooks. He has one that bridges CCNP to CCIE. He has CCIE foundations. He has a troubleshooting workbook. There is also the one you mentioned, which is free. The others cost $$$, but also come as a package with his boot camp.
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