Hyper-V 2012

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I am in the middle of my first Hyper-V 2012 implementation. It is a simple 2 node setup running replication between the two. So far, VM performance is outstanding. This won't be the environment where I will test HA without shared storage or any of the integration with SCVMM 2012 but so far I am quite impressed.


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    Awesome. Keep the feedback coming.
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    I'm also going to deploy Hyper-V on one or two servers, but we are still waiting for the new VL agreement with Microsoft.
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    So far I have run into one hiccup, Backup Exec does not run on Server 2012. All of the guests are Server 2008R2 so the software is still useful but I can't use it for VM level backups. Luckily Server 2012 Backup does support VSS backups of virtual guests, so for the meantime they will be protected at the VHD level using good old Windows Backup.

    I am digging into running the VHDs over a SMB 3.0 share and I will hopefully have this in my lab in January. I would lab it now but I am in the middle of deploying a 10GB infrastructure in our datacenter so I can't be distracted. Besides, the 10GB is underpinned by 4 brocade VDX switches in a TRILL fabric which is a far better infrastructure for running the storage over ethernet than single uplink ethernet switches. Ultimately I have big hopes for using SMB in this fashion, it is easier for people to bend their heads around file shares than shared LUNs. I am also hopeful that it will perform better than vSphere does on NFS.
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    Good post, look forward to hearing more good info in the future. Eventually I want to convert my lab over and take a look as well. I hear great things and I'm very curious at looking at things like native deduplication (not a Hyper-V thing, but more a 2k12 thing). I need to get a TechNet account again...
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    Great thread! I'll sure be following along. Like QHalo, I'll moving my lab over too Hyper-v too.
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    Hyper-V replica was the first thing I checked out. Works great but is a bit of work to setup in a workgroup environment, dead simple in a Domain. I am now playing with Hyper-V clustering over iscsi and SMB.
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    Microsoft just took a major chunk of business away from VEEAM by releasing this feature. Right now I have replication set to only keep the latest revision, but you can configure it to keep as many versions as you want. If you have the storage it is a good way to protect against misconfigurations and viruses in your guests - if you can catch it in your replication window.

    I have 2 Server 2012 VM hosts right now with Brocade CNAs, I will need at least 2 more physicals (FC or internal LUNs) to set up a practical SMB 3.0 share. Unless, by some miracle, Hitachi upgrades its storage to SMB 3.0. Unfortunately my lab is ahead of my infrastructure. I have to deploy the ethernet fabric first to get the 10GB connectivity and my storage guy needs to upgrade our SAN switches.

    It is just as well, as far as I know SCVMM 2012 SP1 has not been released yet and I need that to manage Server 2012 hosts.
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