CISSP: StudISCope vs cccure

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Hi Everyone,

If you had to choose one practice exam set to supplement your other CISSP training materials, which would you choose? Lots of people say cccure is an excellent resource, but StudISCope is directly linked from the ISC site. Which one would everyone recommend?


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    Similar question here mate!

    CCCure seems to be about $80 (I think thats the price) vs $289 for the StISCope exams

    Of course I'd want the official ISC2 ones, especially if they're the non marked ones from the CISSP exam, but it's a lot of money when you consider the whole price of the exam, the books and then the test exams

    I am not sure what I'll do. But for now, I think I'll just go through the books and videos, then worry about test exams after
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    If you can spare the cash, the The stuISCope questions are phenomenal I went for both the CCCure and StudISCope (I tend to overkill on training materials). Anything is better than nothing, and everything is better than something. When it comes to tackling a monster like the CISSP, I want as much material/exposure as possible. Regarding the cost in relation to the exam, look at your total ROI of obtaining a CISSP. When you land a job with a 30% pay increase, is the $4K you shelled out on materials, tests, and classes really all that much?

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    It costed me more than 1100$. Scheduling the exam, StudyIScope, CCCure, S. Rao Vallabhaneni, Shon, I borrowed CBK from my friend.

    $289 for the StISCope exams is worth buying if you have to no choice but to pass it in single go. If you pass with at least 75% in each one of them then consider yourself close to passing actual one. 1100$ is lot of money and I was in no mood paying 500$ for exam again.So i bought them and took my own time in solving each one of them. I took considerable gap in between each paper. I consider the second paper as "The hardest". The actual paper was also simple when compared with second test. Please do not rush to give the exam until you actually pass each one them.

    CCCure is no close to actual exam but as I said earlier it will just lay a better foundation. Do CCCure after reading shon or after reading each domain.
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    FYI..I first signed up for the demo from studISCope and they emailed me a promotion for 20% off. All three CISSP exams came out to $231.20.
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    I'm gonna assume (ISC)2 won't mind that studISCope discount code being publicly posted. Please PM or email Webmaster if I'm wrong on that.
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    I have an account to login to ISC2 website but it looks like studiScope needs a different set of credentials. Can someone help to tell me how to register with studiScope.
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    Shon Harris questions are good too.
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    After you paid for studISCope, did you receive an email explaining how to access it?
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    I did not find the Studiscope questions all that useful. I paid for them in May 2014, took the exam in June and did not find my Studiscope questions to be similar in nature or format to the questions on the exam. They were useful but did not resemble the questions on the CISSP exam. That could be because ISC2 updated the exam in 2014.
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