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My final exam is coming up in Understanding Operating systems and now we are currently learning the structure of different operating systems (such as Unix, Windows and MS DOS), how they process requests, manage devices,and handle jobs. I wanted to know for the following exam from the book understanding operating systems sixth edition (Ann Hoes). Is there a place for online quizzes where I can get the answers


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    You're trying to ****?
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    If they aren't in the book you probably aren't supposed to have them... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Have you tried putting the exact question in quotations and then passing it to google? That being might be better off actually learning the content. If you half-ass your way through all of your classes, it will show when you go in for an interview.
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    Google Search one of the questions in the exam and you will be able to find it. I don't want to be bad, but sometimes you should know how to use Google, Forum members are here not to do it for you. :D
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