ssh client for droid phones

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I've finally broken down and got a smart phone. Now i want to install a ssh client on it :) I'm just a little skeptical about the ones available, there so many. I'm not looking for anything fancy just a free one. However I'm a bit concerned that some of these might not be very secure and log/proxy data to malicious individuals. Suggestions/recommendations/thoughts?


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    I have tried most free ones I think and I am currently using ConnectBot ..

    As for logging to malicious individuals : I don't know .. I am never concern myself with it .. Android is OpenSource after all, so who knows. Probably nothing is "save" apart from an old Nokia 2210 :p
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    I second ConnectBot. I used it on my phone and Nexus 7.

    As far as malicious, Google does a pretty good job of keeping malicious apps out of the Play Store. You can never been sure, but ConnectBot is a widely used app, someone would of probably noticed it it was malicious by now.
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    ConnectBot = thirded
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  • ccnxjrccnxjr Member Posts: 304
    I'm a little skeptical about an app made by someone whose name screams "Root", but it seems to be quite popular and the source can be retrieved through git.
    I'll give it a shot!
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