New job, want to pursue microsoft cert

QuantumKnightQuantumKnight Member Posts: 45 ■■□□□□□□□□
Good day all. I have been racking my brain about this all week. I know the mcitp cert will expire in July of 2013. I wouldn't mind doing that and upgrading to 2012 but I'm not too sure if 7 months is a proper time frame to get mcitp. I would like to avoid rushing to get certified. If anyone thinks 7-8 months is an enough time to get mcitp then I will go for it. But if I should wait for the server 2012 cert, would the free ebook be a good starting point for the cert until the official books come out in feb?

I just started the new job with active director and hope it will lead me to a systems admin or engineer role. Any advice would be great. Thanks.


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