Passed ICND

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I passed the ICND earlier with a 875. It was my first attempt. Im now CCNA certified :)

One of the first few questions was a connectivity simulation. It felt like I took too much time, and I started getting bugged out. My time remaining to questions remaining ratio started looking disproportionate, so I ended up rushing through some questions. I got a string of easy questions and I ended up with like 7 minutes left. Another reiteration that you need to keep cool during the test.

There isnt really any specific advice I can give other then to know the topics. Creating flash cards helped me a lot, not only to review, but to know what not to waste my time studying again. I used the Cisco Press books by Wendell Odom, the CCNA study guide flash card book (which I will be selling), a home lab consisting of 2 2500 series routers and a 2950 switch, and Wans CCNA guide at

I dont know whats next. Like I said before, I like to tailor my study to my career goals. Right now, I have two positions in mind. One is an informations system position, the other is a headend technician poistion. There are several things that could help me for those. Im sure Ill be back soon asking you guys for advice :P

Right now, Im gonna revise my resume, and get ready for my vacation next week ;)


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    Congratulations with the pass and the cert! icon_thumright.gif
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    I sit mine next month.
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    Congratulations !

    CCNA is a cert to be proud off.
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    Congrats! Man I need to get off my lazy @ss and take the ICND. I took a scenic and relaxing vaction for a week and a half after I passed the Intro and havent been so motivated to get back into it. I wish I was still on vacation :p
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    Thanks for the congrats, and the help getting here! :)
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    You deserve congratulations...

    I have a question : is it really necessary to learn the commands of a 1900 series switch?
    Was there any question which contained such thing?
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    It's worth taking the extra time on the sims, because they are weighted sooo heavily. I'd honestly rather leave a few multiple choice unanswered or guessed at then to turn in imperfect sim results.
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    Undertow wrote:
    You deserve congratulations...

    I have a question : is it really necessary to learn the commands of a 1900 series switch?
    Was there any question which contained such thing?

    All the switch questions are for the 2950 series. Some apply to 1900s, but the 1900s dont have many of the commands.
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    congrats ! I am going to give my exam after a months time
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