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In my progression through CCNA Voice I'am now in pretty deep into CUCM and UC. I have phones setup that can ring each other and end users with voice mail and even managed custom wallpapers and ringtones. I just finished the setup of MGCP on my gateway router and it has registered the FXO port and Im ready for the next step. I just started into the dial pattern portion and want to make sure I do it right. Correct me if Im wrong but you configure the Route Group--> then Route List--> then Route Pattern. I have had in my CME lab a dial pattern of 91[2-9]..]2-9]...... work for out going calls using loop start. I tried that as a dial pattern in CUCM and you can dial my cell phone number and the FXO port lights up and the call says that the number is not in service. What would be a bare bone basic route pattern to get me up and calling out through CUCM? Hopefully as I keep watching videos I will come up with the answer on my own but this site has a wealth of knowledge on it.
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    that should work, but you need to have the correct calling search spaces and partitions setup as well. So you started in the right spot getting your gateway up. Next is the route group, route list, and route patterns(dial-patterns). but before you have a route pattern that can route you need a partition to assign it to, and you need a calling search space on the actual phone you will be using that has access to the partition that the number is in. That sounds complex, but once you practice for a while it will all make since.
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    Awesome, worked like a charm. I had to change the dial plan to 91.[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx and use the discard predot option. Now to dial in, do I have to setup the dial handlers? I know with CME to ring a single dn it was {connection plar opx "dn-number"} I was wondering if it is that easy also.
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