finding the icnd1 test in the ciscopress book hard

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i thought i knew the material, have been revising for a while now, watched cbt nuggets, ine series when they were free to stream, and trainsignal videos along with his study guide, read the cisco press book and todd's one

ive learnt all the material but am finding the exam which came with the book very tough

did anyone else find this?

any tips please as i want to book the exam asap


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    this is common and a good thing. With the practice exam your putting in action what you learned and doing this over and over will cause your brain to finally "get it". Trust me when I started on the Boson exams it was hard and felt like I didn't learn anything from all the studying I was doing but now i'm scoring at least 90% on each exam.
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    I bought the Odom book, the Lammle book, and the cisco press book. I found the cisco press icnd1 book to be the closest at giving exactly what I needed for the exam. I think the other two are more detailed, but have more info than needed for the exam. That being said, if you use multiple books or points of view, I think you can get a better overall grasp of the info.

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    they are hard at first, on my first attempt I got a 75%. But I left all the ones I was not sure in blank. Then I went back to those questions in blank Marked down all the types of topics related to those questions, and I reviewed those things for like 3 days. Took the test again, it wasn't exactly the same, but this time I got a 94%. I only left 1 blank, and I had 2 partially correct. Did the same review process, also it is good to check the answer, as it gives amazing explanations and it puts the pieces together , even the explanations will make you think " I knew that, why didn't it come to mind? ". Once you get into the habbit of combining your knowledge to solve problems, that's when you'll start killing those practice tests then it's on to taking the real deal.
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    Because ICND1 is all about Networking fundamentals so there is a LOT of scope to cover. ICND2 is where you focus on the networking protocols and stuff you will be doing to actually manage a small to medium size network. I mean, you have some show commands in ICND1 that are important but the meat of the technical protocols don't get covered until ICND2. Either way, I think it's harder for intro or newbies to pass icnd1 but if you have any type of industry work experience, ICND1 becomes more reachable while icnd2 still remains out of reach unless you deliberately further your studies. I would say you need a PRIMER or more introductory book but which one that is a mystery to this site and all of mankind.
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