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I am heading down the Brocade Service Provider training (BCNP) but I should really do Cisco as well. I figured I would start taking CCNP tests but I saw that there is now a CCNA/NP service provider certifications. Has anyone here done, or is going to do, this track?


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    I have not gone done the CCNX-SP track, but there appears to be a lot of overlap with the route/switch path. Obviously, the IOS-XR/XE experience is going to be exclusive to the SP side of the house. I am recerting with the SP written simply because there is a significant amount of overlap between the two tracks. Do you have the need for IPv6 tech and transport technologies outside of Ethernet or Frame-Relay? If so, then SP is probably a better track.

    Does the BCNP align better with route/switch or SP?

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    BCNP tracks the service provider more than than the enterprise. A lot of the CCNA /SP course (according to the outline) is very similar to the BCNE course I took earlier. My outlook is that network admin and server admin is going to become less desirable as the cloud starts making more of an impact. I need to beef up my networking skills beyond OSPF and corporate VLANs.
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