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Just to share my personal experience relating to Network+.
I have recently applied for an junior system admin. and was given technical interview. Since this is a junior level admin, I was asked mostly on the topic of Network+. Questions included what ports a service used, what is private IP, how does DNS AND DHCP work, what protocol the mailserver use to send mail and receive mail, etc.
Luckily that I have passed my network+ a month back, I was able to pass the technical interview with a breeze. I was informed that there were some other interviewees with CCNA and MCSE certs, who couldn't answer most of the questions. Since I have only the A+/N+ certs and 5 years of desktop support experience, I am proud of myself. Just want to share with anyone out there testing for the N+, make sure you know you what you study. Don't try to memorize the details; you will not be able to retain the info. for a long while; instead, know how they work.
Once you pass the N+, the hard part comes into play when you are ask about this knowledge in real life scenario.
Good luck studying
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    caustikcaustik Member Posts: 32 ■■□□□□□□□□
    " the hard part comes into play when you are ask about this knowledge in real life scenario. "

    I second that . . .
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    People seem to be putting net+ down as if it does'nt mean much, however in the real World Net + is an IT Professional certification, ok so with this exam, you wont be touching Cisc o equipment or any of the MCSE stuff, but remember that N+ is a valid and indeed, great certification to have and it's for life, and tests one on the make up, design, installation, support and the other vast amount of information needed to work with computer networks and since qualifying for mine last November, have found it a valuable tool to have, since passing I have had two IT positions with several other offers (unfortunately the distance foer the offers was to far to travel).

    So I feel that I have a good, sound certification, and on the job experience as well, so Network + in my opinion is a well recognized and valuable certification. icon_lol.gif

    Just my two penneth worth.
    Future planned exams are as follows: CCNA, Windows 2003 Server 70-290

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    my_id_0308my_id_0308 Member Posts: 171
    yes,that is very true...eventhough i pass my N+,i am still worried whether i got the knowledge to go out to work.So what zenboy said is really true.Eikss..Got to hit the books again for N+..
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