ICND1, going to revisions the chapters ive studying but got a few Qs?

BeanyBeany Posts: 177Member

Finally ive completed the chapters in the Wendell Odom Cisco Guide. What i need to do is go through each chapter again because there's a lot of stuff i've forgotten :)

Firstly, when im reading chapters in this book im confident that i understand what im reading but when i go to answer the Qs at the start of the chapter, sometimes i get like 3-4 wrong, really annoying me. Are these Qs in this book harder than the ones to appear in the exam?

Secondly, I've got a CD with this book that has some practice exam questions, do you think this will give me a good indication of how good my ICND1 knowledge is? i can subnet fairly quick, still got 7 videos to watch from CBTNuggets.

I'm from the UK, how do i apply the CCENT exam? How is it? How quick can i book it?

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