I have offically began my CCIE study.

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I passed my CCNP in June after self study and going to GlobalNet training bootcamp.
I started reading Routing TCP/IP Volume I
and i'm reading it front to back. I have just finished ordering all my equipment from the INE topology. I'm using 2811's, 1841's, and 2620 as opposed to what in the lab books. I don't have the lab books yet. Plan on taking the written by the end of Jan. I plan on taking Narbik bootcamp some time in winter and INE in the summer. Both offer free retake. I have budgeted about 10-12k that I can spend on training.

Any suggestions will be helpful along my journey.

CCIE R&S Exam Cert Guide 4th Edition
Routing TCP/IP Volume I
Routing TCP/IP Volume II
MPLS Fundamentals
BGP Design & Implementation
CCNP Route, Switch, and troubleshoot


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    Welcome, congrats on passing the CCNP and deciding to start your CCIE journey. LAN Switching by Ken Clark is an old book, but excellent. You can skip over a lot of the legacy material, but it really helped me during my journey.
    "Check both the destination and return path when a route fails." "Switches create a network. Routers connect networks."
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    jeff113jeff113 Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
    So far, I've been reading a chapter a night. On the weekends i'm going to just watch videos. This is my plan for the next 2 months and then take the CCIE Written. After that comes the labbing.
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    RoguetadhgRoguetadhg Member Posts: 2,489 ■■■■■■■■□□
    From what I've seen people hold off the Written until they're ready to take the plunge into getting ready for the Lab portion.

    Apparently the written is nothing more than just getting the entry ticket to the big game :)

    Good luck!
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    ZartanasaurusZartanasaurus Member Posts: 2,008 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Here's everything I did before I took the Writen:

    Interconnections: Perlman
    TCP/IP Protocol Suite: Forouzhan
    Cisco LAN Switching: Clark
    Routing TCP/IP Vol I & II: Doyle
    Practical BGP: White
    Developing IP Multicast Networks: Williamson
    Interdomain Multicast Routing: Edwards (you don't need both multicast books IMO)
    IPv6 Theory, Protocol & Practice: Loshin
    Cisco IPv6 ABC: This was a PDF that I think used to be available on Cisco's site. Someone at IEOC linked it. You can find it online if you google.
    MPLS Fundamentals (chapters 1-7): Du Ghein
    QoS Enabled Networks: Barreiros
    Cisco QoS Exam Certification Guide: Odom
    Network Security Technologies & Solutions: Bhaji
    CCIE: R&S ECG: Odom

    I read these books AFTER my Written but I think they'd be good to read before.
    Cisco Frame Relay Solutions Guide: Chin
    Cisco Express Forwarding: White
    Cisco Docs on EEM.

    I'd watch all the INE ATC videos, and do the Weeks 1-8 training from WBI from INE's training program.

    Also get Anki some other kind of auto repetition flashcard software and make flashcards from the beginning. The longer you wait the longer it takes to get them all put in at once. :p
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    IPSec VPN Design 44%
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    jeff113jeff113 Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I started reading TCP/IP version 1 but I've decided to go though the INE ccna and ccnp videos first. I'll be done with that in a month. Then I'll do my reading. I've gotten all my lab gear to study on weekends for now and videos doing the week.
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