Is Syngress a good on server 2003?

zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
I managed to get a copy of Syngress mcse exam 70-290 copyright 2003, and am wondering if anybody have used this book for studying?
From what I have read on the reviews on Amazon, this book isn't rated highly; especially with subject of SUS, AD, and others missing or little mentioned. If you have used this book for the testing how would you compare it to other book? Would you recommend it?
I am currently using the MS Press book and find it to be a How-To-Do it manual. It doesn't give much explanation on some of the subject.

Thanks for any response
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    Hi zenboy,

    I have both the Syngress and the M$ self-study kit, plus several other books on server 2003. I got the Syngress guide along with the one on 70-291 at less than half-price for one single volume, brand new, somewhere. It's been a while. But, I'm using these in tandem. All of these long-winded study guides tend to put me to sleep, so I have to intersperse a lot of time on my home lab over and over on the examples.

    Syngress book is called a "Study Guide & Training System". I think the Training system part is the DVD. I was watching that just yesterday. Since you have it, you may want to go ahead and view it now. It's an over-all look at the exam material as presented in the book. The speaker throws in advice on how you need to approach these subjects since he has taken all of the core exams. Again, it still needs to be reinforced with the practice on an actual system set up on a domain.

    As I remember the reviews on the Syngress book were mixed, but not terrible. That's why I went ahead and got them--especially at a good bargain rate. We should look at reviews seriously and consider that, those who generally write favorable ones have passed the exam! But, they're generally not completely bogus either. It's best to read several reviews if you have them.

    Well, my 2-cents worth. Hope this helps!
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    zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    So far, I have found that the Syngress is more enjoyable to read than the MS Press. I have read more than half the MS PRESS earlier and couldn't understand on some of the exercises. I guess I will finish the Syngress book and finish the MS Press later. Thank you for your info.
    "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few" - S.Suzuki
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