CCNA PASSED!!! Watch out that your sim doesn't freeze!

j4rt02j4rt02 Posts: 29Member ■□□□□□□□□□
841!! Made it by 16 points!!!

Half-way through one of my sims, a console window froze! I immediately went to the proctor (still loosing like 2 minutes) at my local site and they said, "ah yeah the Cisco exams freeze all the time." What the heck Cisco?!? The full extent of their troubleshooting was to hard boot the machine and move me to another one. Whats worse, when it came back up it was a similar question, but different topology and hostnames.

I suspect I was entering too many commands into too many consoles? All I can say is be conservative on what you have open...

Either way, a pass is a pass.


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