Packet Tracer Vs. Boson

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Based on some replies from members it sounds like I would need to go through each lab topic that is on the CCENT and match it up with an exam topic on Packet Tracer for the actual exam.

That approach sounds O.K, but I could possibly miss something or Cisco does not focus entirely to much on a certain scenario leaving me less prepared for the ICND1.

In that case, I was thinking about shelling out the $99 and buying Boson Labs for the CCENT? What do you guys think?

I really feel more comfortable with using a guide to prep me for this exam.


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    I used Boson for the ICND1 and it was fantastic, I even wrote a review on the site for how well it helped me prepare for the material... Well I got the Practice test (Which were A+++) and the Routing Sim which were (A+++)... now however, for the ICND2.. Boson failed me miserably.. especially the practice test... the routing sim sufficed for both. I used Packet Tracer for like 2 days before my second ICND2 test, but by then my issue wasn't sims, it was some particulars with Wan& IPV6 section which an extra read through the chapter cleared right up.
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    Thanks for that. When you say an extra read through the chapter cleared up WANs and IPv6 what were you reading? Thanks
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